ARTICLE (1)


                                                Sons Of The South

                                                    ARTICLE (2)

                                          MISSION STATEMENT

To remember where we have been and where we will go through maintaining positive
relationships with family and friends. To choose the ethical way by making a personal 
commitment to honesty and integrity. To find peacefulness within ourselves by looking inward 
while using our hearts to guide our dreams and desires, and our minds to pursue knowledge, 
creating balance among all of our obligations. To content ourselves in our surroundings so 
we will always know where security lies within our lives. To build a reputation of being 
dedicated to every goal we choose to pursue while having successes in both our personal and 
professional lives. To be recognized within the community by virtue of our Conviction, 
Courage, Honesty, Honor, Integrity, and Brotherhood.

                                                    ARTICLE (3)


On May 5th 2009 the Sons Of The South was formed. The club was founded by the four 
Founding Fathers; Magik, C-Note, Dozer, and Re-Con. The Sons Of The South determine the 
following articles to be the basis for our founding and the guiding principles by which members

and club activities shall adhere.

• The Sons Of The South will always strive to promote “Old School Values”
• The Sons Of The South will strive to live by the Ways of the Traditional Biker.
• The Sons Of the South will always conduct ourselves with Loyalty, Honesty, Honor, 
  Courage, Integrity, Commitment and Brotherhood.
• The Sons Of the South will always strive to Give Respect and Get Respect.
• The Sons Of The South “Colors” are sacred property of the club and are on loan to     
   members that maintain good standing within the club structure and by-laws. They are not worn

  as a fashion statement.  They are worn as a sign of integrity and respect. Our “Colors” are not 

  given they are earned.
• The Sons Of The South do not judge other clubs for any internal decisions they make.
• The Sons Of The South is open to riders of every ethnicity. All patched members must be 21 

  years of age.
• The Sons Of The South do not discriminate on what you ride; our concern is “How You 
• The Sons Of The South make no claim to territory.
• The Sons Of The South are an independent M/C and are not supported by any other club.

                                                    ARTICLE (4)


• “Sons Of The South” symbolizes where the club was born.
• “White Thread” symbolizes neutrality.
• “Brown Background” symbolizes stability and reliability.
• The "Jester" symbolizes the clubs freedom of speech and willingness to speak up for others.
• The "Knife" represents the removal of the original patches wings.
• “Memento Mori” derived from Latin means “remember you are Mortal”.
• Chapter 1 membership will consist of all fallen brothers and lifetime members.
• Chapter 2 is the State Chapter.
• The “Founding Father” patch is worn by the Founding Fathers and symbolizes the 
   courage and commitment required to start a club.
• The “Original” patch is worn by the members of the Waco Chapter.
• The “Soldier” patch is worn by an individual that has performed some extra ordinary 
   task or service to the club. These patches must be approved by the State Chapter.
• The “Lifer” patch is worn by those members that have maintained membership beyond 10 years.
• The “VVIX” patch is worn by those members that have maintained membership beyond 1 
   year. These patches are only given out on the clubs Anniversary, which is May 5th.
• The “50/50” patch is worn by those members that have had a close call with Death.
• Mileage patches are earned based on miles traveled on behalf of the club.
• Officer patches are worn by members that have been selected by the Chapter President and 
  denote the position and the duties that officer performs on behalf of the club.
• The United Clubs Patch is worn by all members in Texas chapters and signifies the clubs relationship 

   as members of “The  United Clubs of Texas”.
• The TMRA2 patch is worn by all members in the state of Texas.
• COC Confederation of Clubs patch is to be worn by all members. All chapters are  

  required to be member of the Confederation of Clubs.
• US Defender patch or US Defender support patch is to be worn by all members. All 
  chapters are required to have a primary and secondary US Defender representative.

                                                ARTICLE (5)

                                              CLUB COLORS

Section A. - Etiquette

• The Club’s Colors always remain property of the Sons Of The South, which includes your vest. Only

  Full Members are allowed to wear the Clubs Colors.
• A member must closely guard their Cut. 
• If a Member or Associate allows their Cut to fall into the wrong hands it is an act of disgrace. This may

  be a result in loss of  membership or other form of punishment.
• Only club members, club associates or your significant other can baby-sit your Cut.
• Full Members must wear the club colors, all name tags, TMRA2, United Clubs Of Texas, 
  Confederation of Clubs and US Defenders patches.
• Associates will wear the name tags, TMRA2, US Defenders patch, Upper and Lower Rockers only.
• Patched supporters vest details will be as approved by the officers.
• 10 years of membership is required to retire with honors and colors. All retired 
   members will wear a Lifer patch and be reassigned to Chapter 1.
• No Cuts are to be worn in a cage, except during funerals.
• No miscellaneous patches and or pins will be allowed on the front or back of the vest 
  without specific authorization of the State Chapter.
• Only Patches authorized by the State Chapter can be sewn on the front or back of the vest.
• Only by authorization from the State Chapter can approval be gained to wear 
  exempt patches that will be worn on the front or back of the vest. These “exempt” patches must have some

  specific meaning to the wearer.
• No Club Member can replace their cut (vest) without specific authorization from the Chapter President. 

  Replacement of cuts is highly discouraged and there must be some significant extenuating circumstance to 

  change the cut.

Section B. - Merchandise

• All merchandise with the “SOTS” logo or any representation of our colors, or containing the phrase “Sons 

  Of The South” remain the property of the Sons Of The South.
• Only Members and Associates are allowed to wear “SOTS” merchandise.
• Support merchandise is not owned by Sons Of The South and can be worn by anyone.

Section C. - Cut Details

• All patch sizes and configurations will be maintained by the State Chapter Secretary. As these details are 

  too lengthy to be detailed here.
• The Club Colors are worn on the back of a black leather vest. 3” below the collar line.
• On the upper left breast, the patch “Sons Of The South” will be worn 6” below the shoulder seam.
• Below the Sons Of The South patch the “United Clubs Of Texas” patch will be sewn. Followed by the 

  “Confederation Of Clubs” patch.
• On the right upper breast, Full Members will wear their “Name tag”. It will be worn 6” below the shoulder seam.
• Below the name tag, will be the “position” patch followed by the “status” patch. Below the 3 tier patches, the

  “TMRA2” patch will be placed.
• US Defender patches are located on the lower left hand side of the vest above the pocket opening.
• “In Memory Of” patches are located bottom left-hand side of your vest. Close to the button seam.
• “Commemorative” patches are located bottom right-hand side of your vest. Close to the button seam.

                                                ARTICLE (6)

                                        CODE OF CONDUCT

• All Members, Associates and Formal Invites must follow the Code Of Conduct at all times.
• Members must understand they are a Patch Holder 24 hours a day whether or not they are wearing their Colors.
• Any actions by Members, Associates, Formal Invites and Significant Supporters in public reflect on the character

  and well being of the whole Club.
• Never let a Patch Holder walk off alone in an unsecured area.
• Never call a Patch Holder of another club “Brother”. Their Brothers are their fellow Patch Holders. Your “Brothers”

   are your fellow patch holders.
• Club business is not to be discussed outside the club.
• Always show respect to members of other Clubs.
• Never “TOUCH” the Colors of another Patch Holder.
• Colors are not to be worn into any establishment with the intention of starting trouble.
• Fighting is only authorized by the club in the event you are attacked, or defending yourself, a supporter or family 

  member or the clubs honor.
• Mean what you say and say what you mean. “YOUR WORD IS YOUR BOND”!
• If you are told by any member that you cannot operate a vehicle you will turn your keys over to that member. Your

  vehicle and any passengers you may have will be provided for by the members present. The member pulling the keys

  may make phone calls to other Members, Associates, Formal Invites, or Significant Supporters as necessary to assist

  with your safe passage home. In the event you choose to ignore a call to not operate a vehicle there will be serious

• Show respect to your fellow brothers.
• Never “LIE” to, “STEAL” from, or “CHEAT” on your Brothers.
• Never “RAT” on your Brother or another Biker.

                                                  ARTICLE (7)

                                    ETIQUETTE AND PROTOCOL

Section A. - External

• At all gatherings, make it a point to circulate to greet every Patch Holder that is present.
• Greetings are done in order of hierarchy with other clubs. Other Clubs are greeted in the following order Local Chapter  

  President, Vice President, Sgt. At Arms, Secretary, Treasurer, National, Regional, State Officers, Members, Prospects or  

  Associates, Guests or Invites. This being said do not by-pass another Clubs Officer or Member if you happen upon them 

  first. Our Club greets in the same order. National and State officers follow the local Chapter Officers if they are present. 

  The highest ranking local Chapter Officer or Member will introduce the National and/or State Officers.
• When greeting other Clubs Members never reach between two Members to shake someone’s hand. Go around the 

  group and position yourself so you don’t reach between Members when you greet. Reaching between Patched Club 

  Members is a serious form of disrespect.
• If you want to greet a Patch Holder of another Club, wait until they acknowledge you.
• At an open function, never deliberately turn your back to a Patch Holder. This is a form of disrespect.
• Members must greet a Patch Holder, from another Club, the first time they meet by Name, Rank and Club Name.
• Associates must greet a Patch Holder, from another Club, by Name, Associate and Club Name.
• Invites (only if they are acknowledged) by a Patch Holder, from another club, by Name, Invite, and Club Name.
• If ANYONE from outside the Club has a questions, regarding the Club or Chapter refer them to an Officer. If there

  are no Officers present politely tell them you are not allowed to discuss club business with persons outside the Club. 

  You can refer them to our website at They can contact the Club directly from the website.

Section B. – Internal

• All members will create and maintain a Google Mail e-mail account. The e-mail address will be explained by your 

   local chapter.
• All club related business communication and scheduling will be handled via Gmail accounts.
• If for any reason within a Chapter there are allegations of misconduct or violation of the Clubs By-Laws those 

  allegations will be forwarded to the Chapter President. The Chapter President will refer the allegations to the 

  Chapter Sgt. At Arms if an investigation is warranted. The Chapter Sgt. At. Arms will report the findings of any 

  investigation to the Chapter President or Vice President as necessary.
• Harassment, or Disrespect in any form toward a Club Member, Associate, Formal Invite, Significant Supporter 

  or their guests will not be tolerated. If there is any kind of issue contact the Sgt. At Arms or another Club Officer 

  to rectify the situation.
• At no time can any Member, or Associate compel another Member, Associate, or Formal Invite to violate any law

  on behalf of the club against that Members, Associates, or Formal Invites will. 

                                                    ARTICLE (8)


Section A. – Requirements

• You must have your own motorcycle and show an ability to ride.
• Your motorcycle must be maintained in safe operating order.
• If your motorcycle is down it must be fixed within 30 days. If there are extenuating circumstances you must request

  an extension of time at each subsequent business meeting. The Chapter President will determine whether or not to 

  extend your time frame.
• You must be 21 years of age.
• Agree with the Club’s By-Laws. A signed Sons Of The South Contract will be maintained by the State Chapter 

  Secretary for each member. Local Chapter Secretaries will have a copy of the Original.
• Be in good standing in terms of conduct.
• Strive to prove to all Members that you are worthy of the honor of Full Membership and demonstrate your value to 

  the Club.
• By becoming a member you have decided to make a personal and financial commitment to the club.
• Keep dues current.
• Attend all meetings, events, functions and mandatory runs and be highly dedicated to the Club.
• No Member, Associate, Formal Invite, or Significant Supporter of the Sons Of The South can be a member of any 

  other motorcycle club or be an active or reserve Police Officer, Sheriff, Deputy, Government Law Enforcement or 

  Investigative Agent of any kind, Undercover Officer for any governmental or law enforcement agency, Informant of 

  any kind, Prison Guard, Probation or Parole Officer. Although the Sons Of The South does not allow nor are we 

  involved in any kind of illegal activity we reserve the right to police our club internally without any external influence. 

  There are M/C’s specifically designated for membership by the above noted individuals and we have determined that 

  their best interests would be better served by membership in one of those clubs.
• Must commit themselves to a “Way Of Life” in which they can be of help to their Brothers and their community.

Section B. – Invite Status

• An invite is someone who is interested in eventually becoming a member.
• Invite status is achieved through contacting a Full member and display a strong desire to find out more about the Club. 

  The Full Member will inform the Club Chapter and get formal approval from the Chapter Membership for the Invitee 

  at the next regularly scheduled business meeting.
• This status gives the Invite the permission to go on rides and attend Club functions.
• This is a period of time when the Invite can get to know the Club Members and determine if the Motorcycle Club Way 

  of Life is for them and determine if they would like to become an Associate.
• Invites are not allowed to attend Club meetings.
• Invites are not allowed to wear any Club Colors, name tags, or Insignia.

Section C. – Associate Status

• It is a time in which the Associate’s attitude is conditioned so the Associate displays a sense of responsibility and respect, 

  and loyalty to the Club and its Members.
• The associate is educated in basic MC protocol, etiquette, traditions, and By-Laws.
• This is a period during which the Associate becomes accustomed to trusting the judgment of Members that will someday 

  be his Brothers.
• Never question the judgment of an Officer or Member. This is a form of disrespect and your continued association could 

  be called into jeopardy or discontinued as warranted.
• Understand the deep level of personal commitment and self discipline that the members have demonstrated in order to 

  wear the clubs Colors.
• Must become a member of TMRA2.
• Must become a US Defender Supporter.
• Not allowed to attend United Clubs meetings.
• All associates must be sponsored by a Member. The membership of the Club Chapter must agree by vote that the Invite 

  can be promoted to associate status.
• Associates will wear the “SOTS”, name tag, and associate patches. Associates will also wear their TMRA2 and US 

  Defender support patches.

Section D. – Sponsorship

• Any person interested in being an Associate, or eventual Club Member must have an existing Member nominate them.
• The Club “MENTORS” and “TUTORS” an Associate in the ways of our By-Laws, Protocols, Traditions, and the 

  Club’s Way of Life.
• This is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Section E. – Full Member Status

• A Full member is someone that has become a “BROTHER” and has proven the ability and earned the right to be a 

  Full Member.
• Full Membership is gained by 100% approval of all Chapter Members.
• As such privileges and benefits may be reaped.
• Full members must strive to attend all meetings, events, and functions and be highly dedicated to the Club.
• Keep dues current.
• Help out your Brothers in any way possible, whenever possible.
• Be a diplomat and show respect to other clubs.
• Ride hard and be a positive example and roll model for other motorcycle riders.

Section F. – Significant Supporters

• A Significant Supporter is an individual, who is considered a significant other to a Member.
• A significant Supporter proves their worth to the club by supporting a Full Member in their daily lives and supports 

  them in their club affiliated activities, as such, although some level of participation is necessary, mandatory participation 

  levels in club activities and functions are greatly relaxed and are determined by the sponsoring member and significant 

  supporter not by the club as a whole. Significant Supporters although they may perform many functions for and during club

  functions and activities are not to be considered as club boosters. Although they must show loyalty to the club their main

  function is to show support and loyalty for their significantly related Member in their club related endeavors and strike a 

  balance of club related and home activities.
• The name tag for all supporters is selected by the Sponsoring Member.
• When at club functions it is the Sponsoring Members responsibility to look after and care for you Significant Supporter. 

  It is not the responsibility of associates and/or invites to care for or watch after Significant Supporters unless prior 

  arrangements have been made. In the Sponsoring Members absence the Sponsoring member will make prior arrangements 

  with another Member or Associate to watch after their Significant Supporter. If prior arrangements have not been made the 

  Significant Supporter can contact any Club Officer, Member or Associate (in that order) present and ask to be looked out 

  for in their Sponsoring Members absence. That Officer, Member, or Associate will then make the appropriate arrangements

  to have the Significant Supporter looked after.
• Even though they are not members of the club, The Code of Conduct applies the same as they represent the Club by 

  wearing the Club Support Patch Colors.
• They are not allowed to attend Member meetings or have any voting rights.
• They are allowed to wear a back supporter patch and front name tags in reversed colors of a different design. The Design

  details for Significant Supporters will be maintained by the State Chapter Secretary.
• Harassment of any patched Supporter, by a Member, Associate, or Invite will be “NOT” tolerated. This will include 

  any other individuals related to a Member, Associate, or Invite. It will be the Member, Associate, or Invites duty to police 

  such activity by outside individuals. As the Significant Supporters wear a members name on their vest it is a sign of 

  considerable disrespect to the Sponsoring Member.

                                                    ARTICLE (9)


Section A. – Purpose

• Officers in the club are required to conduct the Club/Chapter business outside the club and to maintain order and efficiency

  within the club structure.

Section B. – Duties Of The President (Chapter)

• Has the ability to make a wide-range of decisions regarding the general well being of the Chapter.

• The President’s responsibilities are for the oversight and leadership of the entire Chapter.
• Preside over Chapter meetings, functions and activities as applicable.
• Conduct a monthly Chapter business meeting.
• Approve all scheduled Chapter events or activities and insure maintenance the Chapter calendar. All calendar events will

  be forwarded to the State Chapter Secretary to be included on the Sons Of The South website calendar.
• Ensure enforcement of the objectives and purpose of the Club and Club By-Laws.
• Oversee the business functions and activities of the Chapter.
• Ensure continuity, and promote the success of the Club and the Chapter’s objectives.
• To assist all the other Officers of the Chapter in performing their duties.
• Has the ability to make a wide-range of decisions regarding the general well being of the Chapter.
• Shall assign duties and tasks to other Officers, or Members of the Chapter as necessary to ensure the safe and 

  efficient operation of the Chapter.
• Shall represent the Chapter in all business matters and Chapter functions with other clubs.
• Shall inform the Vice-President when he is unable to preside over and Chapter meeting, function or activity.
• Shall work in conjunction with the State Chapter Officers as necessary to maintain a well balanced and efficient Chapter.
• Provide a monthly report to the State Chapter to include a synopsis of club activities, monthly business meeting minutes,

  financial details, Membership details, and future plans.
• Represent the Chapter at all United Clubs, and Confederation of Clubs meetings.
• Assist the State Chapter as required.

Section C. – Duties Of The Vice-President (Chapter)

• Are to perform duties of the Chapter President in case of absence or inability to participate on the part of the Chapter

• Coordinate, plan and ensure proper arrangements are made for all Chapter-sponsored activities or functions.
• To act as Chapter liaison with other clubs for the purpose of planning and or participating in the area events.
• Ensure the Chapter maintains two (2) TMRA2 meeting participants, a Primary and Secondary US Defender representative.
• Get a TMRA2 and US Defender report each month from the Chapter representatives to be discussed at the monthly 

  business meeting.
• As necessary performs duties which may be assigned by the Chapter President.
• Coordinate the daily internal operations of the Chapter.

Section D. – Duties Of The Sergeant At Arms (Chapter)

• Maintains order and ensures the tenants of the By-Laws are kept by all Chapter Members, Associates, and Formal Invites.
• To defend Members, Associates, and Formal Invites and their property from outside threats.
• As necessary performs duties which may be assigned by the Chapter President.
• Conduct investigations resulting from charges of misconduct of members, or associates and discuss the findings with the

  Chapter President as the situation warrants. Details of such investigative findings will remain confidential unless a formal

  misconduct meeting of Chapter Members or Chapter Officers is held.
• Conduct Investigations outside the Club Chapter as necessary to ensure the safety of all Members, Associates, and 

  Formal Invites and report those findings to the Chapter President as the situation warrants. Any external investigations by

  a Chapter must have prior approval of the State Chapter SAA.
• Work with other area Clubs SAA’s to ensure harmony and a peaceful coexistence with other area Clubs.
• Accompany the Chapter President and/or Vice President on any Formal external Chapter meetings i.e. United Clubs,

  COC, etc...

Section E. – Duties Of The Secretary

• Maintains the Chapter’s meeting minutes and is the focal point of all Chapter communications.
• Maintain the Chapter Charter from the State Chapter.
• Maintain the Chapter DBA.
• Maintain a current list of Chapter Officers, Members, Associates, and Formal Invites.
• Maintain a current list of Chapter TMRA2, and US Defender Representatives.
• Maintain a current list of contact information on each Chapter Member, Associate, and Formal Invite.
• Maintain starting mileage on each Chapter Full Members motorcycle or motorcycles and inform the Chapter President

  when that Member reaches and aggregate total of 10,000 miles on behalf of the Club.
• Shall remind each Full Member of upcoming events requiring participation by the Chapter membership. It is the 

  Secretaries responsibility to inform Associates, and Formal Invites of upcoming events requiring their participation.
• Notify Chapter Members, of otherwise unscheduled meetings or events requiring their participation.
• Assist the Treasurer in ordering, picking up, distributing and collecting Club items and merchandise. All Club items 

  and merchandise must be ordered through the State Chapter.
• Maintain a copy provided by the State Chapter Secretary of all club cut and patch design details.
• As necessary performs duties which may be assigned by the Chapter President.
• Assist the State Chapter Secretary in managing and maintaining the Sons Of The South website.
• Assist the Chapter President in preparing and delivering required monthly reports to the State Chapter Secretary.
• Provide Chapter documentation as required by the State Chapter.

Section F. – Duties Of The Treasurer (Chapter)

• Responsible for the Chapter funds.
• Set up and maintain the Chapter bank account.
• The Chapter President maintains the DBA and will assist the Chapter Treasurer in establishing bank accounts.
• Receive record and report all monies or property donated to, paid to, or owned by the Club.
• Keep an account of all receipts and disbursements so that the statement of the financial condition of the Chapter

   is available upon request by other Chapter Officers and the State Chapter.
• Is responsible for all monetary transactions of the Chapter including funds raised through outside functions, events,

  and activities.
• Provide Club patches when requested.
• Maintain all club owned Merchandise.
• Collect membership dues and fines from all Chapter Members.
• Forward funds to the State Chapter.  20% of all chapter intake each month. These funds are utilized by the State Chapter

  to conduct state business.
• Make payments from the Chapter funds, as may be necessary and customary expenses of the Chapter. All Chapter

  expenditures will be approved during the monthly business meeting. No reimbursements or disbursements can be made 

  from Chapter funds without receipt documentation.
• Assist the State Chapter Treasurer with documentation required during annual audit of Chapter financial records.
• Recommend and implement investment strategies for the Chapter.
• As necessary performs duties which may be assigned by the Chapter President.

                                                            ARTICLE (10)


Section A. – Formal Invites

• The Member nominating a hang around will make a motion for and present a case to justify Formal Invite Status for an

  individual during the monthly Chapter business meeting.
• The hang around is not allowed in this meeting.
• 100% approval is required by all Members in attendance
• Associates are not allowed to vote.
• Any negative vote by a Member must be explained.

Section B. – Invites to Associates

• The Member nominating a Formal Invite will make a motion for and present a case to justify Associate Status for an 

  Invite during the monthly Chapter business meeting.
• The Formal Invite is not allowed in this meeting.
• 100% approval is required by all Members in attendance.
• Associates are not allowed to vote.
• Any negative vote by a Member must be explained.

Section C. – Associates to Full Members

• The nominating Member of an Associate will make a motion and present a case to Justify Full member Status for an

  Associate during a special meeting held prior to the regular monthly Chapter meeting. Those members not present can 

  vote via some other form of communication agreed to by the Chapter. All Chapter Members must vote in order to gain 

  Full Membership.
• 100% approval is required by all Chapter Members.
• Associates are not allowed to vote.
• Any negative vote by a Member must be explained.
• If 100% approval of a new Member is agreed the New Member being promoted is responsible for his Cut and making

  arrangements to have the “Club Colors”, Chapter number patches, Member patches, sewed on the cut in accordance with

  Club Protocol. The New member shall also provide the starting mileage of their motorcycle and/or motorcycles to the Chapter

  Secretary for mileage patch purposes.
• The newly promoted Member’s “Colors” will be presented at the next regularly scheduled business meeting.

Section D. – Significant Supporters

• The Sponsoring Member for a Significant Supporter will make a motion for and present a case to justify Significant Supporter

  status for their Significant Other at the regular monthly Chapter business meeting. Significant Other does not include a regular

  girlfriend. These patched supporters must be true Significant Others.
• 100% approval is required by all Chapter Members.
• Associates are not allowed to vote.
• Any negative vote by a Member must be explained.

Section E. – Changing By-Laws

• The Sons Of The South By-Laws can only be changed for a chapter with approval of the State Chapter.
• Local Chapter By-Law Change recommendations must be submitted by the Local Chapter President to the State Chapter

  Secretary. The State Chapter Secretary will discuss proposed changes during their report at the next regularly schedule State

  Chapter business meeting.

Section F. – Probation of Officers

• Officers serve at the consent of the Chapter President

Section G. – Probation of Members

• All Members Serve at the consent of the President.

                                                            ARTICLE (11)

                                                PROBATIONARY PERIODS

Section A. – Revocation

• Any Officer or Member may be on probation for violating Club By-laws.
• There is no determination on how long probationary periods last. It is recommended that probationary periods do not 

  exceed 90 days. In the event the probationary period exceeds 90 days, the State Chapter has the option of demanding

  revocation or removal of the Officer position to Full Member Status. Otherwise it is up to the Chapter President to decide

  when revocation occurs or when the member has earned their membership back. If the Member placed on probation is a

  Chapter Officer other than the Chapter President or Chapter Vice President after 30 days the remaining Chapter President

  will determine whether the probated officer will be able to continue in the probated Chapter Officer’s original position. If it 

  is determined that the probated Chapter Officer cannot continue in their original position then the Chapter President shall 

  select a replacement.

Section B. – Restrictions

• Your vest will be pulled.
• Cannot wear “SOTS” merchandise or anything affiliated with the Club.
• Cannot attend Chapter meetings. Including United Clubs Of Texas.
• Cannot receive any confidential information regarding the Chapter or the Sons Of The South.
• Cannot discuss your status when greeting or talking to other clubs. Status of probated Members is the same as a 

  Formal Invite.
• Must attend all mandatory functions and events.
• Continue to pay dues, fines and fees.
• Ride in the back of the pack.

                                                                ARTICLE (12)


Section A. – General

• Officer Meetings are held by special session called by the Chapter President.
• Chapter Meetings are held monthly. State Chapter must be informed of monthly meeting times and places.

Section B. – Protocol

• Members and Associates will attend meetings on their motorcycles unless they have a good excuse for not doing so.
• All Members and Associates must wear their Colors to all Club or Chapter activities, functions or meetings.
• The only reason a Member or Associate may be exempted from a meeting are Hospital, Job Related, In Jail, Out of

  Town or Family activities.
• During the meeting, there will be no talking amongst Members until they get the floor.
• Members will be evicted for unruly conduct.

Section C. – Order Of Business

• Rules of Order shall be used as a guide for governing the proceedings of this club.
• The order of business shall be:
   1. Call meeting to order
   2. Roll call
   3. Introduction of new Invites, Associates or Members (if any)
   4. Old / Unfinished Business
   5. Treasurer's report
   6. Officers Report
   7. New Business
   8. Pick Mandatory Ride
   9. Road Captains Report
  10. Open Discussion
  11. Motion to Adjourn

                                                        ARTICLE (13)

                                                    DUES / FINES / FEES

Section A. – General

• The Chapter Treasurer shall be responsible for holding all Chapter funds.
• Dues and fines are “Non-Refundable”!

Section B. – Dues

• Full Members and Associates will pay as monthly Club dues as follows: 
  1. $50.00 Initial fee for first month an Associate attends a regularly scheduled Chapter business meeting. This will be 

      considered regular monthly dues for accounting purposes.
  2. $30.00 monthly dues (11 per year)
  3. $50.00 annual dues (1 per year in May)

Section C. – Fines

• Fines will be assessed for the following:
  1. $15.00 for missing a mandatory meeting. Without a proper excuse.
  2. $15.00 for missing a Club or Chapter ride, activity, or function that the Member committed to make.
  3. $15.00 for not wearing your Cut at Club or Chapter meetings.
  4. $10.00 for every 30 day period beyond the initial 30 days allowed if you Bike is inoperative.
  5. $5.00 for coming to the regularly scheduled monthly Chapter meeting in a cage unless you bike is inoperative or 

      unsafe road conditions.
  6. $5.00 for showing up late at any ride, meeting, activity, or function with a previous set time.
  7. $5.00 for talking out of turn or interrupting the recognized speaker during Chapter meetings.
  8. $5.00 for interrupting an Officer while talking to another club.

                                                            ARTICLE (14)


Section A. – General

• The Sons Of The South will require one mandatory ride per month. All Chapter Members and Associates must 

  attend this run.
• Dates and details of mandatory runs are set and established at the regularly scheduled monthly Chapter meeting. This

  will give the Road Captain or Substitute and all Members a month’s notice to make plans. It is Highly recommended 

  this ride incorporates activities and functions on the local United Clubs of Texas calendar.
• No Officer, Member, or associate is allowed to ride unattended on runs, events, benefits or MRO meetings. 
• Show up late, and you get left behind.
• All Sons Of The South Members in Texas are required to attend the Bi-annual Legislative Day activities at the Capital

  in Austin.
• All Sons Of The South members are required to attend the Chapters home State Confederation of Clubs State Rally.
• All Sons Of The South Members in Texas are required to attend 1 TMRA2 rally per year.

Section B. – Duties Of The Road Captain

• Ensure safety of riders and bikes.
  1. Has the right to terminate a Member’s or Associate’s participation in a given ride or event for the club’s safety and image.
• Organize club runs.
  1. In-charge of all maps, routes and stops.
• As necessary performs duties which may be assigned by the President.

Section C. – Riding Etiquette

• The Club will obey all state and local laws.
• Bikes are always parked together.
• Members must use their judgment, when on Club Runs, to limit consumption of alcoholic beverages.
• Someone that has marginal riding skills will be relegated to the back of the pack.
• Members should always ride in a staggered formation while riding in a pack.
• Wild and unsafe riding habits are “NOT” allowed.

Section D. – Riding Protocol

• The following universal hand signals will be used. All signals will be given by the left hand except on road obstruction(s). 
  1. Left Turn - left arm straight out and then dropped pointing left.
  2. Right Turn – left arm should be straight out and then bent up.
  3. Single File – left arm straight up, moving front to back in a straight line.
  4. Speed up or Traffic Clears – left arm straight up and moving in a circular motion.
  5. Stop of Slow Down – left arm pointing in a downward angle with palm facing towards the rear.
  6. Something on the Road – point with either foot on the side of obstruction.
  7. Police Officer – pat the top of head with left hand.
  8. Changing Lanes – the trail boss will be responsible for changing lanes. This will prevent the pack from separating.

Section E. – Riding Formation

• Road Captain (or substitute member)
• President
• Vice-President
• Sergeant At Arms (If both are present)
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Sergeant At Arms
• Full Members
• Patched Members of other Clubs
• Patched Supporters
• Associates
• Formal Invites
• Guests or Hang Around
• Trail Boss (or substitute member)